Our Team:

Bruno Wahrmann Lockhart: Digital Media Expert. Journalist. Former TV host. University of San Diego Alumni. 6′ 4″ but his mom still calls him 'tiny'

Estefanía Martínez: K-Pop enthusiast, who binge-watches K-Dramas with spicy midnight snacks. Follow her for all the awesome updates in the K-world. P.S. Learned Korean only by watching TV.

Kelsey Miller:  Certified English teacher by the University of Cambridge. Wine lover, writing lover and cute Hollywood actors expert.

Natalie Baldwin: Graphic Designer graduated from University of Southern California. Bookworm. Nature, coffee and books are her best friends (if you are currently thinking "omg forever alooooooone" you might be just like her grandma). 

Sophie Dupont: Educator. English teacher. Mom of a teen and chocolate Labrador. Love a good discussion and finding out something new every day.

Barbara Vivot: Translator and interpreter. Fan of traveling (no matter where). Music lover. Mother of two and still want No. 3

 Vaneeza Muddasir: Business student and marketing freak. Night owl. Loves to work from home when nobody interrupts her with emojis on Whatsapp.

Florence Market: Journalism student. Have been writing since I was 13 and yes, I also love wearing pajamas for business video call meetings. 

Charles Lorenz: Journalist and cat lover. Enjoys a good glass of wine while writing, maybe that's why his articles are a bit "tipsy". 

Corey Robertson: "Coco" is an American journalist and writer. She has over 20 years experience in the movie industry. A pretzels fan who loves Hollywood romantic comedies and a walk in the park.

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