Our Story


Dear reader,

Hi there! How are you? Hopefully good, somewhere warm or cold but with a warm heart!

First, thank you for being here with us. Second, thank you for taking your precious time to read our story.

You are probably reading this in your mind with an American accent. Well, change it to British. Like our presentation video. Sounds more “historian” right? Ok, sorry to interrupt. Keep going!

We are going to write in bullet points, so that you can read it quick, in an entertaining way, just like our videos. Afterwards you can keep enjoying our content and your amazing life!

The name “Yaay” means a lot to us. You probably used it when you were really excited about an event, a passing grade or winning the lottery (if you did, you probably shouted something else, mentioned God, your grandma and probably that 2nd grade teacher that used to tell you that you weren't going to achieve anything in life)

We tried to apply that motto to our life and to our content. Our focus and expertise is entertainment, but we also bring other topics to life! Do you like to be informed? Great! Do you love animals? Breathtaking! Are you leading a healthy life? Awesome! Then, you are good with us. Our videos try to be as entertaining, short, and accurate as possible. We know you are busy, you have that meeting you REALLY have to go to and that hot yoga class you promised your fiancé you would go to because he/she gave you that voucher for Valentine’s Day.

Last but not least, go for a walk, enjoy that coffee with your friend who just came back from his/her business trip or just relax in your couch with a book that makes you laugh. Or cry, whatever you feel like doing!

Have an awesome, bright, beautiful, sunny, relaxed day!

Yaay.Today team:
Stephanie, Bruno, Charles and Kelsey

P.S. If you feel like you want to know something else, you want to give us your feedback, or you just want to send us a picture from your new baby turtle, do it! We are always there for you: contact@yaay.today