Jennifer Lopez taking pictures with fans

You won't believe what Jennifer Lopez is doing for her fans!

We are very used to seeing JLo with make-up on, with her hair recently done and the latest fashion trends. Now, what's below that shell? Of course there is an ordinary person like you and me! Watch the video below to find out!

  • JLo is a mother of twins: Emme and Max. Emma is kind of an artist like mom.
  • Baseball player A-Rod asked JLo to marry him, and she said YES on the Bahamas!
  • The American Latina loves spending time with her family, being, simply herself.

1) A true Hollywood diva

JLo when presenting her Coach bag. Source: Footwear News

We have all realized that only JLo can be the Brooklyn girl and the greatest diva in one. She shifts from one to another depending on where the singer is going, with whom and what for. Spectators always tend to receive one aspect of her life, the one in which she is ready to be in front of the camera flashes, the one in which she had 1, 2 or even 3 people doing her hair, or putting make-up on her, and let's never forget the people who help them with their dresses and special gowns.

JLo for the Video Music Awards. Source: Getty Images

Real life vs. social media

JLo in the kitchen for the song "Ain't your Mama"

Well, JLo understands that was clearly not what she is in real life. She is an actress who has to be like a princess sometimes, but, what she loves the most is being at home with no mascara on and with a simple ponytail made by herself.

JLo cooking at home

Fashion style

JLo at the SAG Awards. Source: Getty Images

Let's not forget about the clothes! Girls, designers make their clothes specially for them! That's why they always look so good on those dresses, the people who make them know exactly which body part they have to hide and which they have to exaggerate.

JLo at home. Source: Billboard

We don't have that kind of luck, we just go and buy what everybody buys in an ordinary shop. Jennifer Lopez wanted to show people who she was, what she usually wears at home, and wearing just jogging as we do, with no make-up on nor her hair was done. She used it to motivate her fans who love her so much! Thank you JLo!


JLo after training. Source: Telegrafi

JLo wanted fans to see she was also real, like all of us when she had no production on. It was actually a great thing to do since many women posted their comments saying thank you and even sending pictures similar to hers! Thank you JLo! We also love your Brooklyn simple side! Let's watch a video of her being who she actually is!

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