You won't believe JLo's heartfelt words in her latest speech

Jennifer Lopez knows how to deliver a super nice speech because she has done it on countless opportunities. However, what she said this time was beyond everything. Keep reading and see her super warm and felt words!

  • The mother-of-two is a singer, an actress, a businesswoman, a producer and a designer.
  • JLo is former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez' fiancée.
  • 51-year-old diva has received many awards throughout her long career, but never has she said so many things like this time.
JLo on a red carpet. Source: Getty Images

WSJ. Magazine's 2020 Innovator Awards gave Jennifer Lopez the grant on pop culture category. The diva went with Maluma and her speech was simply perfect.

In a box

Amazing Jennifer Lopez. Source: Getty Images

 The woman from the Bronx explained she never wanted to be put in a box. Since very young she wanted to be smart, but not only that, also athletic; sweet and also tough; a tomboy which was very ordinary where she grew up, but she has always loved glam. JLo wanted to be basically everything, she wanted to leave nothing out. That is the reason why she became an actress and a performer, she wanted to do everything and you can only do that when acting where you pretend to be someone you are not.

Size zero

JLo is definitely not size zero. Source: Getty Images

 When 'Waiting for tonight' singer kept on talking she explained that in her first appearances she never tried to be a size zero, she has Latin roots and her hips are not zero size, and they will never be. The best thing is that she never tried to pretend she was. However, even though the Hollywood star loved being who she was, she didn't want to be only in the 'Bronx box', she wanted to play different parts, not just the Latin ones.

Her drive

JLo received her own personal bottle. Source: Getty Images

 Being 100% sincere and honest, JLo explained it was her upbringing place and its beat which gave her a continuous force that drives her. When she thinks back she believes she is 'limitless'. Not only her, but everybody is.

Lopez's Future

Women in Hollywood Award. Source: Insider

 'Lets get loud' singer will surely sound louder in the near future, since she defines herself as a creator, and when you are a creator, you have no limit, you never know what the future may hold for you, and you are in constant movement and growth. Lopez even said 'I'm so happy with everything that's happened in the past 10 years. But the next 10 years? Oh my god. Just wait and see'. You can watch the full video of JLo's speech clicking here. Don't forget to post your comments below!

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