We all love Doja Cat's Woman We all love Doja Cat's Woman

Woman by Doja Cat is named as the best female song of 2022 so far

Doja Cat has conquered the world with 'Woman' and is now #1 among the best female songs of 2022

With 'Planet Her', Doja Cat charmed everyone and the songs on this album were well received by the public, especially 'Woman' which is now the best song of 2022.

Doja Cat is simply an amazing singer and rapper, the best thing is that her work is not only limited to interpreting her songs, this artist also writes, composes and produces her material. Little by little we have noticed the great musical evolution of Doja with each new release.

Doja Cat's most recent album is 'Planet Her', which is about to be a year old since its release. On this CD we can listen to a lot of amazing songs like 'Kiss Me More', 'Need To Know' or 'You Right'. This production was full of great songs that the general public liked.

But we can also talk about 'Woman', among Doja's songs, there are several that have gone viral on TikTok and this is one of them. But its importance lies not only in how popular it is, but also in the elements it has, in the lyrics that the singer wrote for this track and in everything else that we can highlight.

Now Doja Cat's 'Woman' has been named the best female song of 2022 so far and it's great, what makes this track so special?

Doja Cat's Woman is the best female song of 2022 according to Billboard

As we know, Billboard is a great institution in the international music industry. So this one has named 'Woman' by Doja Cat as the best female song of 2022 so far. The most remarkable thing about this is that this song wasn't even a single like other tracks on 'Planet Her' and the composition of it is just perfect, catchy and with a solid message too.

With 'Woman', Doja Cat has taken over the charts on Billboard, Sotify, iTunes, and more for weeks, letting us see that the public is really still listening to this great song. Is it one of your favorites from the singer?

What other are the best female songs of 2022 for Billboard?

 At the top of Billboard in terms of the best female songs of 2022 we also find other rappers such as Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Here we have the 5 named by said institution, Doja Cat is accompanied by other female rappers who also represent female power in music.

  1. Woman by Doja Cat
  2. Big Energy by Latto
  3. Sweetest Pie by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa
  4. Plan B by Megan Thee Stallion
  5. Shake It by Cardi B


We have a lot of female talent in the international music industry, we love these great songs and artists, have you chosen your favorite yet?

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, we have some photos of her with no makeup, how does she look? She has an amazing natural beauty.

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