What Will happen to Doja Cat? What Will happen to Doja Cat?

Will Doja Cat give up music after her controversy with fans?

Doja Cat was involved in a big controversy during her South American tour and at the end of this she promised to quit her job, will she really stop making music?

What happened to Doja Cat? After many negative comments and fans fighting with the rapper, she promised that she would stop making music as this was not for her. After a few days everything returned to normal, but will she really give up music?

Doja Cat is one of the most important singers of the moment, her fame and popularity spreads around the world and this rapper has completely dominated the international music industry. Her songs have touched millions of fans around the world.

It's no surprise that wherever she goes, Doja has fans who want to see her live or even outside her hotel, right? Well, a controversial situation arose during his tour of South America. More precisely during her visit to Paraguay where many fans expected to see her at a festival that was canceled due to weather conditions in the country.

Kittens from the place still hoped to see Doja Cat even if it was near the hotel where she was staying, but the singer never came out and everything got worse when fans knew that she was celebrating a private party in a luxurious restaurant in the country, while her fans they waited for her. This situation quickly went viral.

Many fans called Doja ungrateful and started throwing a lot of hate comments, making the singer feel really bad. The fights on Twitter were strong and at one point the rapper declared that she was going to quit, that this was not for her after so many comments, both good and bad, that perhaps generated some pressure. But is she really thinking of giving up?

Will Doja Cat really be quitting music?

Through Twitter, Doja Cat has reaffirmed her statements about giving up music, the singer said that although she still has content to release, this does not mean that she will not leave music. It seems that she has really thought about it seriously and perhaps it is too much all that happened after the controversy in Paraguay.

Once again there are mixed opinions about these actions of Doja Cat, many fans believe that in reality she will only take a break when she finishes her tour. Others ask her not to give up because there are many people who need her music. And there are even those who are happy that she is giving up music.

Doja Cat about quitting music | Twitter: @DojaCat

What do you think about this? Is it really time for Doja Cat to leave music after all the success she has achieved?

What are Doja Cat's next plans?

Doja Cat has already revealed that she is working on a new album, she also has collaborations with video games and will appear on the cover of Vogue Singapore for its April issue. The singer's manager stated that she would be present at the 2022 Grammys ceremony but that she would not have any performance.

Doja Cat for Vogue | Twitter: @IAMFASHlON

So there is still a lot of Doja Cat for the future, maybe later she will think about it and decide to stay, she has been gaining many fans and her success is gigantic. It is not worth leaving everything for now, perhaps it is better to show that it is stronger than any controversy.

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, we tell you here why are her 'Say So' performances so iconic, we love this queen. 

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