Rapper Post Malone and Justin Bieber Rapper Post Malone and Justin Bieber

Why rapper Post Malone calls Justin Bieber his 'brother'?

The world's most recognizable rapper and the Canadian singer have been super close friends since 2016. The 'Baby' singer featured his friends' first studio album 'Stoney'. People wonder what do they have in common to call themselves 'brothers'! Scroll down and don't miss a single detail! 

  • JB and Posty have been friends since 2016.
  • Post Malone performed before Bieber during his 'Purpose Tour'.
  • Austin is the only famous friend Justin has today.


Post Malone and Justin Bieber. Source: Red Bubble

The two stars began their friendship back in March 2016. JB posted a photo of them having a chat and smoking a cigarette. It seemed they talked about things they really have in common, because the Canadian chose him to perform in his 'Purpose Tour' opening act. Austin has always been super grateful about the opportunity given to him by Justin. He was on his best moment after his first important song 'White Iverson'.

Malone and Bieber. Source: Getty Images

Bieber has always congratulated his friend after every release or even after shows. In August 2018 after Post Malone's second studio album 'Beerbongs & Bentleys'. The 'Yummy' singer posted

'Proud of my brother @PostMalone on his new album'

 It was such a great attitude. Justin Bieber has millions of fans who probably didn't know his friend. Thanks to that tweet, now they know Malone! During Coachella festival in 2018, Bieber went with his friend. JB was on his work hiatus, but went there to enjoy the show from the crowd. Obviously, supporting his friend was another of his goals.

Post Malone and Justin Bieber

Bieber's work hiatus was interrupted when he joined Malone at his concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Hailey Baldwin's husband was so happy about being back on stage that he said:

'I love you with all my heart… I’m rooting for him. Everyone give it up for Post Malone!'

 When things started to get better for the blonde star, he popped the question to his now-wife Hailey Baldwin. Hilarious as he is, Malone asked if he could be the 'flower boy' at the wedding. Simply because Austin wanted a role on his friend's important date. Bonus info. True friends know how to keep secrets. Even when they are as famous as these two. Although nothing could be confirmed, Malone was in charge of Bieber's bachelor party. Even though nothing was ever heard about such a party, Post said 

'We’re gonna do some fishin’, we’re gonna do some hangin’ out'. 

Malone and Bieber having fun. Source: Daily Mail UK


 Always keep close to you the friends who really make a difference. These two are part of Hollywood but they don't have many friends in the business like they used to. Actually, they are the only friends within famous people. That's simply because after some time hanging out with many celebrities, one get to really know who is best for you. These two are true brothers by choice.  Let's watch the YouTube video about their first song together! 


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