Kanye West gets support from fellow artists Kanye West gets support from fellow artists

Why major artists are applauding Kanye West for speaking out

Globally acclaimed R&B superstar Kanye West is famous for letting his crazy antics get the best of him. But with celebrities like Austin Mahone and Taylor Swift backing him up, his recent pursuit isn’t as unreasonable as you might expect. Read the full story below!  

  •  Kanye West, also known as Ye, is an American rapper, producer, and fashion designer.
  • He has a net worth of $1.3 billion!
  •  The father of 4 has 31 million followers on twitter.
Kanye West is on a mission to get his masters back Source: vulture

It’s unfortunate yet all too common for record labels to exploit their artists. Despite having national and international tours, writing, recording, and working on their music, many artists don’t realize that although their labels give them a platform to showcase their talents, they lose more than they gain.

Known for his crazy genius and outspoken personality, Kanye West is pledging to help singers and artists get the rights to their masters.

If you’re wondering why that’s’ important: imagine not being able to profit off of songs that you sang and not being able to use them without permission. That's absolutely crazy! Kanye, Taylor Swift, and Austin Mahone seem to think so too.

Showing his direct support, Austin quote-tweeted Kanye’s tweet and made his views public. According to TMZ, Mahone has already reached out to Kanye to team up against unfair practices for future artists.

To set an example, Kanye took to Twitter to announce his decision to rightfully give his label G.O.O.D’s artists 50% shares of all masters that are in his possession.
In another recent Twitter rant, Ye promised to hire the best lawyers to get his masters back.

From recent tweets, it doesn't look like Kanye is going to stop without taking his masters back and has our full support! Everybody deserves the rights to their work. We hope Kanye can bring the much wanted revolution in the music industry!

Watch Kim and Kanye's relationship update below!

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