Why was singer J-Lo not asked to host the 2020 AMAs?

Why isn't Jennifer Lopez hosting 2020 AMAs?

Both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were responsible for the best half time show in the history of Super Bowl which took place in February 2020 in Miami. Huge problems started to appear right after the spectacle and that may be the reason why JLo wasn't chosen as host for the AMA 2020. Scroll down to read more about it!

  • Jennifer Lopez performed together with her 11-year-old daughter Emme “Let's get loud!” wearing a furry coat which showed the America flag.
  • Entertainment specialists claimed it was the best half time show ever seen in the Super Bowl.
  • The CNN received a thousand of complaints because of JLo's show.
JLo and Shakira right after the entrance. Source: Getty Images

The Super Bowl has always been known as one of the greatest family shows in the USA. People wait for that final the whole year. It is kind of a fixed program to which Americans know they will attend to. Having said so, I'll explain the reason why I guess JLo will miss the American Music Awards.

JLo in the middle of the performance. Source: Getty Images

After Lopez and Shakira's show early in February 2020, music and show experts claimed it was the best one in the history of the Super Bowl due to the costumes, the songs, the energy provided and the staging as a whole. However, not everyone thought the same.

J-Lo and her dancers. Source: Daily Mail

The FCC received more than 1,300 complaints due to the show provided within one week after the event.  Many people argued the show not for the whole family since artists showed too much skin. Also, many said the way in which Hollywood stars moved their body wearing just a tiny cloth was not O.K. for young kids to see.

J-Lo an Shakira's back during the show. Source: Getty Images

All in all, viewers stated the show was indecent, immoral and too adult-like for children to see. Although it was just a half time presentation, many sports fans had to leave the auditorium because of the weird, awkward and grotesque display they were watching at. Of course, the show was taken differently according to contrasting points of view.

J-Lo and Shakira in the middle of the show. Source: Getty Images

Show experts and the NFL surely wanted to provide the show of their lives (which they did) hiring two great and worldwide recognized stars, and ordinary people, who are not used to those kind of spectacles, and who, let's remember, they were there to watch baseball mainly, directly hated it. All in all, although the show as a whole was well received by business authorities, the critics were too many and that may be the reason why JLo will miss this year's AMAs.  Don't you agree? Let's watch a bit of the controversial performance and don't forget to post your comment below!

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