Why is pop singer Halsey one of our next generation leaders? Why is pop singer Halsey one of our next generation leaders?

Why is pop singer Halsey one of our next generation leaders?

Something resonates deep inside us when we hear the name 'Halsey' in the air. She is definitely not the common type of pop artist that we are used to listening to. The prestigious Time Magazine noticed it and so, named this artist as one of the next-generation leaders. Do you know why? We are going to tell you everything below. 

  • Ashley Nicolette Frangipane a.k.a. Halsey, was born on September 29, 1994.
  • Her parents drop dropped out of college after discovering that her mother was pregnant with her. 
  • She has an estimated net worth of $12 million. 
  • Halsey is one of the most popular activists nowadays.

Since her tour was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Halsey has been concerned about speaking up and make people more conscious about the world actual issues

Halsey cover of the Time Magazine. Souce: Time Magazine

About the voting situation here in the United States, she said to Time Magazine during the interview "You vote for humanity, or you don’t. You vote for a racist or you don’t. That’s the black and white of it to me.” 

Halsey. Source: Time Magazine

Also in the talk with Time, the artist spoke about her relationship with mental health, the Black Lives Matter movement, reproductive rights for all women, and even moving to New York alone at hers 17 years old among other topics. There was so much to talk about!

In terms of mental health issues, Halsey is always making people aware of the importance of this by sharing her bipolar disorder. Even more, the title of her most recent album launched, 'Manic', is a tribute to her changing mental health situation. She is really brave for sharing!


The bisexual artist talked about the Black Lives Matter movement telling that she went to Los Angeles this summer for joining for the very first time a protest. “I went to the first protest not knowing what to expect. I came home shot twice with rubber ammunition,” explains Halsey. 

For her, the experience was quite traumatizing, and so, the next time she attended to one, she brought medical supplies to help the injured citizens. Halsey also created the Black Creators Funding Initiative, giving $10,000 grants to Black artists. She is so empathic.

The 'You should be sad' singer, also doesn't have problems with talking a lot about her endometriosis, a common women’s health issue. She is constantly explaining the importance of Planned Parenthood and the services they offer, like the access to gynecological exams. 

Halsey with long black hair. Source: Getty Images

That's not all. As she explained in her Time interview, her concerts feel like 'festivals of collective catharsis.' And that happens because when you are at one of her shows, you aren't just listening to good music.

Halsey encourages her fans to feel free from being bothered, oppressed or shut down by the patriarchal powers and the society's repressive rules. 

Halsey's new album cover

We assume that now that you know her better, you understand why Times considered her as one of the next generation's leaders. This artist knows how to touch people's hearts with her music and with her thoughts and feelings too. 

Halsey with short curly hair

The Grammy-nominated singer is always sharing with the audience her most genuine facets, thinking that by doing that, she will allow our generation to perceive her like a safe place to connect to. 

The musician said “There is no such thing as a perfect activist. Everyone has said something, done something wrong," but we are really proud of what she's been doing till now. You rock, Halsey! What do you think about her activism? Watch her last video down below:

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