The K-pop star, Lisa Manoban. The K-pop star, Lisa Manoban.

Lisa Manoban dethrones American artists with her rap skills!

The 23-year-old famous star is a member of the K-pop band, Blackpink. Her rapping skills are beyond amazing because of her phenomenal voice. Lisa has a slower approach to her rapping which makes her style unique among all the US rappers. Read more below!

  • Lisa's group members include Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo.
  • She has an estimated net worth of $8 million.
  • The talented singer is the only child of her Thai mother.
  • She has 40 million followers on Instagram.
The K-pop rapper, Lisa Manoban.

Manoban is the most popular girl of the South Korean band. She and Jennie are the brilliant rappers of the group. Lisa stands out because her rap is not as challenging as American rap. 

She captivates her fans with her unmatchable energy which brings her slow rap to life. The lyrics of her songs are easily understood by her admirers.
Her words are much clearer, as she is not as fast as 'Travis Scott', the popular rapper.
The K-pop rapper, Lisa Manoban.

She has the talent to match her voice with the beat of the song. The girl group's songs 'Boombayah' and 'How you like That' were huge successes because of her outstanding rapping skills. We wonder which great rapper has been her inspiration since the start of her career.

Lisa has a modern rapping style, as she can convey emotion through her words. The lyrics of her song are simple and motivational, while ' Cardi B', the American rapper's lyrics are explicit, like in her recent track ' WAP'.

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