Beyonce smiling during a live performance Beyonce smiling during a live performance

The amazing gesture of Beyoncé with cancer survivor girl

The 'Crazy In Love' singer is known for her astounding vocals. Despite her huge stardom, the celebrity proved to be the most compassionate person to ever exist with her heartwarming surprise for a cancer survivor. The internet can’t stop gushing over the singer’s kindness! Keep reading to find out more about the lovely gesture!  

  • Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American actress and singer.
  • The 39 years old has 3 children Blue Ivy Carter, Rumi Carter and Sir Cater.
  • She got married to American rapper and businessman who is also a billionaire, Jay-Z, in 2008.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be 400 million dollars.
Beyonce sends her little admirer a beautiful gift Source: stock sponsored

Lyric Chanel is a cancer fighter who has been suffering from Anaplastic Ependymoma, a sort of brain tumor. She has a public profile on Instagram that is managed by her family.

The girl is seen listening to Beyoncé’s songs whether she’s in the hospital, in her car or at home. Chanel seems to be a huge fan of the 39-year-old celebrity.

Recently Lyric’s family shared a throwback video of her preschool time in which the cancer survivor was enjoying Beyoncé’s then super hit music, Love On Top.

After people started tagging the diva under the post, the singer took notice and sent a beautiful bouquet to her little admirer. The flowers came with a personalized note from the Grammy winner in which she praised the girl for her courageous journey.

the girl smiled ear to ear as she posed with the bouquet of flowers Source: stock sponsored

The girl smiled ear to ear as she posed with the flowers. Chanel said, “Beyoncé thank you for these flowers, I love you and I can't wait to meet you.” While the caption said, “When queen Bey sends you flowers.” Her family members updated that Lyric was shocked to see the gift and said "Beyonce is the Best." She surely is.

Beyonce's personalized note for Lyric

Though the singer has a huge fan following but it’s got even bigger after her kindest gesture towards the cancer fighter. We wish Lyric a speedy recovery and hope that she meets her ideal real soon!

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