Suga in a performing in a music video Suga in a performing in a music video

Why does the BTS Army want Suga to go see a doctor?

The 27-year-old South Korean rapper, Min Yoon-gi aka Suga, is a member of the famous K-pop boy band, BTS. From writing songs to producing them, the multi-talented boy is also famous for his amazing dance moves too. His fans were lucky enough to watch him perform on the band’s first virtual concert, Map of the Soul ON: E. Read below to find out why they’re concerned about him!  

  • The 5’9” tall K-pop star, Suga is estimated to have a net worth of $8 million.
  • Map of the Soul ON:E virtual concert was viewed by 993,000 people from all around the world.
  • Each band member performed a solo act at the concert showcasing their personal style through their music and dance routine. 
BTS performing live at their virtual concert. Source: Teen Vogue

Who knew virtual concerts could be as fun as the real ones. Watching your favorite boys perform live from the comfort of your bed, as you vibe with their music is honestly a dream come true!

BTS member, Suga posing for the photoshoot of their debut english song, 'Dynamite'

Everything about the Map of the Soul ON:E seemed perfect. The wardrobe, the choreography, and the visuals, all seemed appealing. Except for one thing. Suga and his shoulder! The star didn’t look too well while performing and fans were quick to acknowledge his discomfort. 

The Army took to Twitter, tweeting to the rapper, asking him whether he’s okay. Few of them noticed that he might be wearing a shoulder brace. Ouch! Looks like someone really hurt himself!

Suga left a short message for his fans on the second day of the concert asking them not to worry. The singer informed them about the slight discomfort in his shoulder, and due to it, he couldn’t follow the choreography correctly. It’s okay dear, just take care of yourself!

If we were to follow such an exceptional dance routine, we’d hurt ourselves too. That is why a good stretch is recommended before you perform such stunts. As you pray for Suga’s speedy recovery, tell us what you think about BTS’s virtual concert performances?

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