The American singer, Joe Jonas. The American singer, Joe Jonas.

Why did the American singer Joe Jonas dye his hair pink? 

The 31-year-old singer got married to the gorgeous actress, Sophie Turner in 2019. This year in June, they welcomed their adorable first child, Willa. Joe recently shared his selfie with pink hair on his Instagram story. Read below to find out why he dyed his hair pink!

  • Joe is a member of the famous pop band, Jonas Brothers.
  • His group members include his two brothers Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas.
  • The 5'7" tall artist has an estimated net worth of $25 million.
  • He has 13 million followers on Instagram.

Jonas has been rocking different shades of hair colors over the years. He had platinum blonde hair, when his daughter, Willa, was born a few months ago. This time he has unveiled his most unusual pink hair color transformation on social media. Joe has especially changed his look to raise Breast Cancer Awareness among his fans.

The American singer, Joe Jonas.
He also included the symbol which is a sparkling pink ribbon on his picture to leave no room for doubt. We applaud him for standing up for such a great cause. 
The American pop star, Joe Jonas.

Joe has surely found the best way to encourage his fans to take safety precautions.  His pink hair has attracted his millions of followers. What a wonderful idea it is to spread awareness and bring a change in your life from time to time.

We applaud all the celebrities for supporting the Breast Cancer Awarness on social media. Being a father of a beautiful girl has surely made Joe a responsible artist.

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