Why did JLo and A-Rod endorsed Joe Biden?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have openly endorsed the 46th elected US President and VP. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have shown their gratitude throughout the campaign. Keep reading to learn the reason why they did so.

  • 51-year-old singer is an American citizen born in the USA, but, she has Latin roots JLo is engaged to Alex Rodriguez.
  • Joe Biden was the Democrat candidate for the US Presidency and Kamala Harries his VP candidate.
  • Lopez and Rodriguez have endorsed them and, we didn't know why, until now.
The happy couple with Joe Biden.

Jennifer Lopez and her fiancée, former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, decided to publicly support next US President, Joe Biden and his VP Kamala Harris since the very beginning of the electoral campaign.

Although the couple has many residences across the country, they decided to stay in Miami during the lockdown. Both decided to endorse the Democrat candidacy, and they seriously did so, they were kind of almost part of Biden's electoral campaign.

Florida State

Next US President with JLo and A-Rod. 

 'Waiting for tonight' singer is the Latina best paid in Hollywood, since she has Puerto Rican blood running through her veins and the family decision of staying in Florida was another major thing. We must bear in mind that the State they chose to stay in, supported mainly, Republican Trump, not Biden.

JLo and A-Rod endorsed Biden's candidacy. Source: Twitter

In Florida, there are lots of Latin people (like JLo herself); why did she decide to endorse the Democrat candidate? 'Let's get loud' singer was very clear throughout the whole electoral campaign stating that Latinos had the power to change the result on an election that was going to change their whole lives.

Biden himself has promised JLo that if he was elected there was going to be place for Latinos in his Cabinet. A-Rod's wife-to-be tried her best to convince Latinos Biden's presidency was not the same kind they had back at home like Venezuela's case for instance.

Women Power 

JLo crying 'tears of joy'. Source: Instagram

The Hollywood couple are engaged and both of them have children: Lopez has twins (Max and Emme), and A-Rod has two daughters (Natasha and Ella).

As we said before, Kampala Harris is Biden's VP. The whole world is looking at her now; the 46th US Vice President is the first woman, the first African American, and the first South Asian American to hold the office of Attorney General in the history of the United States.

JLo and A-Rod endorsed Biden. Source: New York Post

Clearly, that meant something for JLo and Alex. Surely they were thinking of their little girls, and they thought if such a woman was in charge of such a great position in the Government, she'll make things better for all the women (specially probably the minorities).

The happy couple's efforts have surely been shown in the results, they have made things right. Now, we'll just have to wait and see if the new US President and VP say the whole truth and make people feel closer to each other as they have promised.

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