Why K-Pop artists can't show their tattoos on TV appearances?

K-Pop groups are a worldwide sensation. They have millions of followers and are obviously public figures in the world and in their native countries like Korea. This is why they must take great care of their image when they appear on TV. Keep reading to find out why they cover their tattoos on the small screen.

  • Recently we discovered that BTS Jungkook had a lot of tattoos from one of his Instagram videos, but we've never seen them on TV because they were covered with stickers or edited out.
  • Even though tattoos are taboo in Korea, over 1 million people have dared to mark their skins with ink.
  • Many K-Pop singers have shown their ink art unintentionally or on purpose on stage or on social media.  


While tattoos are not illegal in Korea, they are not well seen either.

In fact, is legal in that country to have them but not to do them.

To be a tattoo artist, Koreans must have a medical license.

This doesn't really apply on a day-to-day basis.

Doctors don't really do tattoos.

BTS member showing his tattoos on stage

After many years of studying medicine, it is not something they do and the hospitals do not have a tattoo area.

This is why real ink artists are underground.

Countries like Korea and Japan are very concerned about public opinion and social status.

Permanent marks on the body can determine that a person is troublesome or reactionary.

Here we can see Chaeyoung from Twice hiding her tattoo

This all goes back to the Joseon days in 1932 when criminals were marked on their skin as a symbol of shame.

They could receive tattoos with the name of the crime committed or the unfaithful women be marked as such.

It is for all this that the K-Pop singers although they have tattoos because we have seen them, hide them in their television appearances.

In any case, times are changing very quickly, and more and more Koreans are encouraging themselves to express through marking their bodies with ink.

What tattoos do you have and what do they mean?

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