Justin Bieber using his cellphone Justin Bieber using his cellphone

Why Justin Bieber doesn't use a cellphone anymore and how could we all follow his steps!

Imagine having a net worth of $285 million and not having a cellphone! Crazy, right? Well, that is exactly the case of Justin Bieber. The singer doesn’t own a cellphone anymore. He feels that not having a cellphone made him learn boundaries and understand that he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Justin stays in touch with his team through an iPad and that’s the only amount of contact he’s keeping these days. The Grammy-nominated singer felt his life with a cellphone was not sustainable enough. Watch the video below!

  • Justin Bieber has a history of dealing with addictions such as those of marijuana and pills. 
  • He took these as a way to deal with his increasing anxiety issues that resulted from his rising fame as well as criticisms during his teenage years.
  • However, Justin has defeated his addictions and is now working towards having a more sustainable life.
  • He is actively removing those aspects from his life that hinder his productivity.  

Justin Bieber is living without a cellphone so that only a limited number of people (mostly his team and his close family) can contact him. The young millionaire is using his iPad to contact his team during this busy time when he is about to launch his sixth studio album ‘Justice’.

His new album is set to release on March 19th 2021 and is going to be Justin’s way of trying to heal the world. Speaking about his upcoming album, Justin said:

“I think this is the first time in my life where I’ve actually enjoyed the process of releasing an album.”

Justin in the music video of 'Changes'

When asked what made him feel the need to get rid of his cellphone, Justin said that he wanted to have a sustainable life. Not having a cellphone has made boundaries for him and he feels he doesn’t owe anyone anything.

Justin Bieber

Just having a limited number of people contact him has helped him make peace with the fact that he can’t help everyone nor do everything he desires. He is definitely in a much better place than before. 


Social media and electronic gadgets can take a toll on us. From time to time, it is important to take a step back from these and allow yourself to heal. I am happy that Justin has taken this major step to self-recovery. How many days could you be without a cellphone? Leave your comments below!


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