Why JLo is trying to be a better version of herself

Jennifer Lopez has managed to go beyond what any other Latin artist had. 'Let's get loud' singer became Hollywood's best paid Latin because she is clearly worth it. She has allowed us to learn more about fantastic Latin American singers! Keep reading to learn  all the details!

  • 51-year-old Jennifer Lopez is always doing something: she is either singing, acting, dancing or creating a new product such as a perfume.
  • 'Pa ti' singer will co-star a movie with Maluma and Owen Wilson: 'Marry Me' which release is set on May 2021.
  • JLo has lots of hits in Spanish such as 'Me haces falta' and 'Ni tu ni yo'.
Jennifer Lopez. Source: USA Today

We must all remember JLo is Hollywood's best paid American citizen with Latin roots. That was a very hard goal for her, she had to work extremely hard through her life to prove everyone she was worth her value. Her career started off being a dancer ('Fly Girl'), continued as an actress ('Selena') and she was consecrated as a singer as well ('Waiting for tonight').

Maluma and JLo. Source: Spotify

Her last hits were 'Pa ti' and 'Lonely', both songs were sang with Latin singer Maluma, who is extremely grateful towards his co-star in the movie 'Marry Me'. The 26-year-old singer thanks Jennifer Lopez for making way for other Latin artists in the USA. The Colombian reggaeton singer is sure it is because of her that so many compatriots have found a space in the American music markets allowing them to show their incredible music; he sees it as if she had opened those invisible doors which have been fully closed before.

Maluma and JLo. Source: LA Today

After having worked with Juan Luis Londoño, his born name, JLo explained him she was always trying to find a better version of herself; even when she believes she has already met that goal 'Let's get loud' singer is sure there is always something to improve. Let's hope America has the chance of listening to more Latin artists since their music is, basically, a new genre for them which they will love 100% sure! Do you listen to Latin songs and artist? Come on, turn the volume to its highest and let those artists in! Don't forget to post your comments below! While you think on your comment watch 'Pa Ti' YouTube video!

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