The K-pop band BTS

Why BTS band members are America’s next fashion icons?

The K-Pop group made their debut in 2013. Their album ‘2 Cool for Skool’ made it to the US Billboard 100 charts. In a recent interview, the group members revealed their fashion inspirations. Their style heroes inspire them in every aspect of life. Read below to find out about the hip-hop group's interview! 

  •  The boy band has seven members including: Jin, RM Suga, V, J-            Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin. 
  • Their collective net worth is estimated to be over $60 million. 
  • BTS’ song ‘Dynamite’ broke all YouTube records in just 24 hours. 
  • The K-pop group won 4 awards at the VMAs 2020 including the ‘Best Pop’ award.
  • Watch their song 'Dynamite' below!
In an interview with GQ, the group members revealed their fashion secrets.
The most loved member of BTS, V picked his father as he is a fashionista and had a clothing business. He desires to dress like his dad because his outfits are fashionable and modern.
BTS' eldest member, Jin claims to be his own style hero. He wears clothes that make him feel happy and comfortable. ‘One shouldn't feel pressured', he advised his fans. We must never care about other people’s opinion on our outfits, Jinn added.
RM, the Bangtan boy’s leader is inspired by the unique painters Yun Hyoung-keun and Kim Whanki. Style is all about attitude so let it become a part of yourself, he said.
The K-pop band BTS.

Suga, the rapper loves to follow the superhero ‘Batman' from the movie ‘The Dark Knight’. He values comfort in flashy clothes as an adult.
Jimin, the vocalist won hearts by choosing ‘Army’ as his fashion inspiration. He said the fandom inspires me as they are all amazing and stylish. 


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