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Why BTS RM had to take away V's mic during 'I-Land' Finale?

The Korean band always lights up the stage with their positive energy wherever they go. They recently made an appearance on the Bighit and Mnet survival show ‘I-Land’. However, there was one member who stole the spotlight by his hilarious comment and it was non-other than V. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Kim Taehyung known by his stage name V was born in Bisan-dong, Korea in 1995.
  • The 24-year-old has a net worth of $12 million.
  • He has an impressive height of 5’10” and is the most handsome man in the world as of 2020.

'I-Land’ was the place where the seven-member group came together. So naturally, they were the most awaited guests on the show now that they have become international sensations. The boys felt nostalgic coming back to the platform where it all began.

BTS as rookies back in 2013

BTS was there to support the contestants and were asked to share their experience of the time when they were trainees. Band member, Suga revealed how the place brought back so many memories, whereas Jin expressed a heart-touching sentiment.

He said that during their debut, he wished that he would stay with his mates for a long time. Well, the group has not only stayed together for seven years but has soared to global fame.

RM who is the group leader encouraged V to share his thoughts but instantly regretted his decision. The most famous member of the band changed the atmosphere of the room with his cute rant.

‘For me, there was so much food in I-land. Back when we were trainees, I got scolded for eating chicken breast with salt. But I’m really happy to see that you guys are living together a family in such a nice place’ he stated.

Taehyung’s fun-loving personality is one of the reason why the fans adore him so much. His comment made everyone laugh out loud and lightened up their mood. However, RM being the leader took away the microphone from his hands and joking apologized for Tae’s behavior.

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