Who is the richest member of the K-pop sensation Blackpink?

After their collaboration with the star Selena Gomez, the K-pop group has become an international sensation. With their global fame, they have increased their net worth. They are following the steps of BTS, who just went public with their entertainment company and earned millions. Who is the wealthiest member of the band? And why? Watch the video below to find out which girl makes more!

  • Blackpink debuted back in 2016 and rose to fame in a short span of time.
  • The band consists of 4 talented girls including Lisa, Rose, Jennie and Jisoo.
  • They have a collective estimated net worth of $35 million.
  • Normally, K-Pop groups are controlled heavily by their managers. They tell them what to wear, which deals to close and handle their social media. Oh, and they take a big cut of their paychecks.

By the impeccable styles and amazing wardrobe that the girls have, they are making millions. Other than their successful music career they have got other sources of income as well like brand endorsement deals and social media collaborations.


The divas have famous brands like Samsung supporting them and are also making waves in the fashion industry, following the steps of BTS and their love for Gucci.

Lisa looking ravishing all covered in jewels

Lalisa Monoban is the richest and the most prominent member of the group. She grew up in Thailand. Her father is a famous chef from Switzerland, so she didn't had any problems growing up. Her fashion style sets her apart from the other members.

The 23-year-old rapper has a net worth of $10 million. She has accumulated through ads and endorsements. Also, Lalisa is a fashion icon and also the ambassador of luxury fashion brands like Prada. Therefore, its safe to say that she has surpassed her band mates in terms of fame and money. 

Blackpink girls for the Brand Samsung

Rose, Jennie and Jisoo are also close by with a net worth of $8-9 million each. However, money was never a problem for this bunch as they grew up rich. Which is evident from the fact that they had expensive high school experiences.

In fact, Jennie, also known as ‘Human Chanel’, was brought up in the wealthiest neighborhood of South Korea. As you might notice, these girls are having a good time. Despite giving a large amount of their money to taxes and managers, they still handle to live the wonderful life of a superstar. And it seems that Blackpink is here to stay, so they have many more years to keep making millions!

Check out their new English song "Lovesick Girls":


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