Cardi B Up music video

Who is the mastermind behind Cardi B's music video 'Up'?

Want to know the brains behind Cardi B's phenomenal music video? The wait is over! The artistic music video was directed by Tanu Muino. What other projects has this amazing woman worked on? Read below to find out!

  • Tanu is the founder of a prestigious fashion brand called 'Jealousy'.
  • She is a Ukrainian music video director, artist, and photographer that resides in Odesa.
  • The artist is widely known for vibrant prints and flashy details in her work.
  • Her first project with Cardi B was directing the music video for 'WAP'.
Tanu for a project

Tanu Muino has made her mark in videography by making projects stand out with bright colors and cool aesthetics. The 32-year-old photographer founded a fashion brand in 2013 and named it 'Jealousy'.

Her music videos may be funky and sensual, but the artist describes herself as a lady with a dark character. What other projects has she worked on?

Tanu at a filming site

Before coming into contact with the 'Bodak Yellow' star, she directed Katy Perry's video in 2019 for her hit single 'Small Talk'. Her videos are laced with creative imagery, striking details, and amusing theatrics! 

The photographer has collaborated with many influential figures like VERA, Monatik, and Dorofeeva! Wow, isn't she so impressive?

Cardi B Up music video

 'I wanted to do something more gangster', Cardi told Muino for her next project.

In 2020, Muino worked with Cardi on the sensational music video for 'WAP'. The visuals and pleasing camerawork of the song took the internet by storm! After all, it cost them $1 million for the production! 

The 'I Like It' rapper approached the same director for another surprise single called 'Up'. Tanu agreed to it and was flown into the United States by the rapper. Aren't, these two the sweetest duo?


After seeing the amazing video for 'Up', I feel like this is Tanu's best work to date. The talented woman deserves all the recognition for her highly creative work. Did you enjoy the music video too? Let us know in the comments!

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