Jennie from Blackpink singing.

Who is the cutest? Ning Ning (Aespa) or Jennie (Blackpink)?

On November 17th, the girl group Aespa debuted and it was a worldwide success. Many netizens are wondering if the new girls from SM Entertainment are here to dethrone the super famous Blackpink. There are many things that both K-pop groups have in common and it is especially striking the resemblance that Ning Ning and Jennie have. Keep reading to decide which of the two is the cutest!  

  • Ning Ning is an 18-year-old Chinese singer from the K-pop group Aespa.
  • Jennie is a South Korean rapper and singer born 24 years ago.
  • Both Blackpink and Aespa are characterized by having 4 members and incredible visuals of all their girls.

The singers

Ning Ning from Aespa.

Since the premiere of the girl band Aespa, with the digital song “Black Mamba” and the accompanying music video, fans have not been able to stop wondering who these girls are and how they are so talented.

The truth is that of Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ning Ning we can say that the latter is the one who attracted the most attention of K-Pop followers because of her incredible appeal.

Jennie from Blackpink.

What no one can deny is the enormous resemblance she bears to singer Jennie from Blackpink.

Who do you think is cuter?

And the winner is...

Ning Ning in an incredible neon look.

Of course, Ning Ning has a sweeter and more angelic beauty for her young age.

Jennie looking glamorous.

On the other hand, Jennie has an elegant appeal that leaves no one indifferent.

What we can conclude is that they are both beautiful and talented. Who do you prefer?

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