Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Cody Simpson.

Who is Miley Cyrus' ideal type?

Now that all her exes are in other relationships, Miley may have wondered who her new love might become. Read on to find out who could be the ideal type of the 28-year-old singer and if it is a girl or a boy.

  • Luckily for Miley she has a lot to choose from. The singer of “Midnight Sky” likes both boys and girls and for her popularity finding love should be a piece of cake.
  • However, sometimes it is not easy for such a public figure to meet new people.
  •  Let's see what Smiley is looking for and if any of our readers apply for the job.
Miley Cyrus in the video "Baby Talking"

First of all, whoever wants to occupy the heart of this 28-year-old woman should know that she is not interested in having children, at least for now. 

And for a long time since she revealed that until the situation of climate change is solved has no interest in bringing any child into the world. Well, all that can change if she falls head over hills.

On the other hand, the candidate must be willing to have an open relationship.

Miley has stated on several occasions that she is a free spirit.

Miley Cyrus in "Midnight Sky".

Without going any further you can hear her say those words over and over again in the lyrics of “Midnight Sky”.

“I was born to run, I don't belong to anyone”.

In that same song, she also lets all those interested know that “forever and ever, no more”.

So you know guys, don't expect everlasting love from the ex Hannah Montana.
A big clue that Miley has given lately is that she is looking for someone older and “more boring”. Billy Idol is older, but not boring though!

Miley Cyrus and Billy Idol.

Apparently, she is looking for a relationship that will keep her calm, just as she seems to be now after her resolve to stay sober.

Although we have to say that at Christmas we saw her with more than one glass of wine in hand. But WTH, it's Christmas!

Then, she also revealed the type of man she likes.

During an interview with Heart Radio in the UK when they asked who she preferred to kiss under the mistletoe she answered very quickly that Harry Styles.

Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles.

Also adding that he looks "very very good" and that they share a very particular taste for fashion so being together would make sense.

So if you are a boy or a girl who likes the most eccentric attire, here you have a chance.

Finally, it should be noted that Cyrus has a history of Australian loves for which all those who have or know how to do the accent also have possibilities.

Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson.

Let's not forget that Miley had a 10-year relationship with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth and later with Cody Simpson who is also from that country.

How do you see yourself asking Miley Cyrus out?

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