Blackpink fashion icons! Blackpink fashion icons!

Which Blackpink member has the best taste in fashion?

The South Korean girl band consists of four brilliant singers: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose. Blackpink doesn’t solely depend on their singing and dancing. The girls are are globally known for their amazing sense of style. But who has the best eye on fashion trends? Read below to find out!

  • Blackpink has a collective net worth of $32 million.
  • With their amazing fashion sense each one represents different luxury brands. Lisa was recently announced the 'global ambassador' for Celine.
  • Their Instagram account has 29.1 million followers through which they show their amazing sense of style.
  • Check out a sneak peak to their new song in the tweet below!

With all the money, the girls definitely enjoy the privilege to buy anything they like. They have set new standards in the fashion world with their amazing dressing sense. Clearly, each member brings their own unique style to the Blackpink brand.

Jennie Kim has been working as the 'Chanel Korea Beauty' since 2018.  If you think that it will stop her from experimenting with different looks and new designers, you're absolutely wrong.

The fashionista has a massive wardrobe filled with brands like Marine Serre, Jacquemus, Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang. She can raise the bar from casual to elegant with her stunning self. Her Instagramable poses, this definitely helps Jennie score higher in this fashion battle. 

Among the girl clan, Lalisa is the most followed person on Instagram with 39.5 million followers. She is also the richest member of her group with a net worth of $8 million. When it comes to dressing up, she has a thing for dressing casually yet looking chic. A printed crop top with a plain pair of jeans is her go to outfit. Her sense of style is adored by the fans.

Often spotted in a blazer, Rose is definitely a Saint Laurent girl. Unlike her band mates, she  mostly sticks to basic colours like white, black and blue. That doesn't stop her from buying a wide range of clothing. One day she can surprise us with an eye-catching floral dress and next day she can rockhoodie.

Kim Jisoo has an estimated net worth of  $6 million. She is known as Korea's Dior girl. Her style statement is the definition of elegance. Taking a look at her Instagram feed, you notice the pieces that she owns are mostly classics. When it comes to practical everyday style, Jisoo’s wardrobe takes the win. 

Check out their chart-topping song in the video below!

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