Trace Cyrus.

What is Miley's big brother Trace Cyrus doing now!

Miley Cyrus' older brother Trace is a well-known musician and singer. In recent times we have known of some problems with substance abuse but all of that is in the past now. Read on to find out how he feels and what his plans are.  

  • After much struggle to leave his addictions behind, the older brother by mother of the famous 27-year-old singer Miley Cyrus arrives with good news. 
  • 60 days sober and counting. 
  • The guitarist and supporting singer of the band Metro Station tells us on his social networks that he is focusing on his mental and physical health.
Trace Cyrus.

So, now that we know Trace is doing great.

Let's have a look at three different aspects of his life to see what the artist is up to these days. 


Trace Cyrus before and after the gym.

Several hours in the gym are helping him get in shape. In addition to keeping the mind busy.

Channeling energy into exercise is certainly a good way to overcome anything and at the same time look great.


There is nothing better than meeting new people and having a good time if you want to leave some complicated stuff behind.

These days the 31-year-old singer announced through his Instagram account that he decided to use the social platform Snapchat again.

And has urged his more than 749K followers to connect with him through that way, promising to respond and accept everyone.

A screenshot from Trace Cyrus' Instagram stories.

In addition, Cyrus also revealed that he will be in Florida on the weekend of November 13 and I invite anyone who wants to spend some time.

That's the spirit!


Making art must be one of the most beautiful ways to heal.

The singer and musician know this very well, so he is applying it. In October, he released a song with Lil Johnny called “Night Time” which is available on all platforms.

Noah Cyrus shared a pic with older brother Trace on her Instagram.

He is also on fire with his clothing brand Dead Spirits.

The style of this brand is amazing, very casual, and relaxed.

With models like his sisters Noah and Miley he is unrivaled.

Miley modelling older brother's brand.

We are very happy to know that Trace is feeling good and wants to reconnect with the world. Keep it up!

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