Paris still missing her father, Michael Jackson.

What is Michael Jackson's daughter up to now?

Despite being Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris has tried to earn fame on her own merits. More than 11 years have passed since the last goodbye of the remembered singer and today we want to tell you everything that happened with the King of Pop's heir. Read below to find out!  

  • Paris is the daughter of Debbie Rowe, a nurse who cared for Michael Jackson's vitiligo.
  • Rowe gave up custody of her children on the condition of child support money and visiting privileges.
  • Following her dad's steps, she released her first solo album, Wilted, in 2020.

Michael Jackson wanted to marry so he could have children, however, his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was a failure, but the dream came true thanks to one of his close friends. In 1996 Debbie Rowe agreed to be the King of Pop's wife and try artificial insemination to have a child. 

Debbie Rowe with Paris, Michael Jr., and Michael Jackson

After the birth of their first son, Michael Jr, Debbie Rowe couldn't have more children. Michael Jackson conceived his youngest son, Prince Michael Jackson II, with an unknown woman. All three brothers grew up under the King of Pop's tutelage.

Michael Jackson with Prince, Paris, and Michael Jr.

The childhood of the singer's children was full of incredible privileges, but also great demands. In an interview with Naomi Campbell, Paris Jackson confessed that her father exchanged book readings for toys.

“If we wanted five toys, we had to read five books” 

Michael Jr and Paris remember Michael Jackson as a great person.

Paris was 11 years old when the "Billie Jean" interpreter lost his life due to intoxication. Janet Jackson's brother didn't allow his children to be photographed and on many occasions preferred to disguise them to protect their identity. The kids felt protected. Michael Jackson's daughter moved the world when she expressed how much she loved her father.

Since June 2009, the Jacksons lived under their grandmother's tutelage, Katherine Jackson, and attended regular school. The pressure of being the daughter of a world-renowned star has to alcohol and drug addictions.

However, the model managed to deal with her worst fears and came out as a great artist. Paris Jackson debuted in acting in 2017 in Fox "Star" series playing Rachel Wallace. 

"This role is really opposite to me and for it being my first real on-camera acting, I think it's a good way for me to show my acting capabilities"

The King of Pop's daughter has musical talent and recognized the great influence that Michael Jackson had on her life. She became a singer and made her solo debut in June 2020 with her first album, Wilted.

Paris Jackson is a rockstar! Source: (Getty)

Without a doubt, the music of Paris is totally opposite to any theme of the pop idol, but the young woman has a spark that maintains her as one of the youth leaders of the moment.

Paris Jackson is focused on promoting her new music. It's estimated that for Friday, April 16, the singer will publish her new collaboration with “The Struts” and we can't wait to hear everything she has prepared. Do you think the King of Pop's daughter is trying to follow the same steps as her father? Please leave your comments!

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