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What Hailey Bieber truly feels about her marriage to Justin Bieber

Hailey talked to the ELLE magazine and opened up about the difficulties of her marriage. The supermodel that she became desperate after the media frenzy, and she just wanted to disappear. Justin’s status as one of the most famous singers in the industry came with a price that Hailey had to pay by sacrificing her privacy. Continue reading to find out everything she said regarding her early days of marriage!

  • Justin and Hailey were childhood friends.
  • Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber legally married in 2018 and had a grand ceremony on September 30th 2019. 
  • Although the two are happily married now, they faced many difficulties at the start of their marriage.
Justin and Hailey at their wedding 

Hailey and Justin held a grand marriage ceremony in 2019 for their friends and families. Justin looked amazing in a black suit and Hailey’s fascinating white gown surprised us! However, after these grand ceremonies ended Hailey was faced with the realities of marrying a superstar like Justin Bieber. Talking with ELLE Hailey said that she has been friends with Justin for a really long time and they both wanted to marry young to start their own families. However, once they did get married, Hailey felt her privacy was invaded. 

Justin and Hailey

She said:

"In the beginning of our marriage, I just wanted to hide. I was like, 'I don't want people so in my business. I feel like everybody's up my ass,'" she told ELLE. "I was like, 'Can there be no anonymity? Can I have any of it back?'"

Her words reveal how desperate she was to hide from everyone and just have a private life with her husband.

Hailey also faced a lot of cyberbullying. This led her to turn off the comments on her Instagram posts to prevent engagement with people who passed harsh comments to her. She said: 

“People are terrorizing me. Engagement, enschagement. I don't care!”


We all need to learn to be kind to others. Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings or get impacted by our harsh words. Being kind goes a long way! 



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