V embraces his inner child during his performance at the Map of The Soul concert V embraces his inner child during his performance at the Map of The Soul concert

V's heartfelt performance during 'Map of the soul' concert

The Bangtan boys had their second virtual concert this year, and it was everything! BTS has a special connection with the ‘Army’ which the pandemic couldn’t break. However, there was one member who stole the spotlight, and it was none other than Kim Taehyung. Read below to find out more!  

  • RM, Jin, V, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope never fail to disappoint us.
  • The Map of The Soul One concert was the most highly anticipated event of the year.
  • It was the biggest online gig, and the highlight of the year 2020.

The concert was on another level and it was all made possible with the help of technology. Millions of admirers cheered for their favorite boy band through their screens as the ‘Dynamite’ singers sang their hearts out for the ‘Army’. ‘You're not here but I feel you here, as if I can hear your chants, and next time let's really be here together’ said Taehyung and the fans couldn’t help but swoon over him.

However, the best V moment was when he performed the song ‘Inner Child’. The 5’10” tall vocalist channeled his inner child by riding on a mary go round. He was joined by a cute little boy, who looked like a tiny version of Kim Taehyung. The two seem to enjoy an adorable bond.

V smiling at the camera during his performance

Can we discuss how handsome and flawless the Gucci boy looked throughout the performance. He stunned in a chic striped jumpsuit with a boutonnière tucced on his coat. Well, he is the most handsome man in the world afterall.

The highlight of the performance was when V tried to hold back his tears while singing the chorus. Fans couldn't help but cry along their favorite member. Only he has the power to touch souls with his heavenly voice. ‘Army’ loves how the idol expresses his emotions and has such a pure heart. This proves that his inner child still lives inside him.

The way he sang, the little boy, the carousel, everything was perfect. Who is looking forward to his performance on day 2? 

Watch his full peformance below!

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