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Update on #FreeBritney: Father says 'It's too soon'

James, also known as Jamie Spears has responded to his daughter's request about changing her tutoring to her young sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. Britney's conservatorship has been the major issue for the singer's fans, who support her no matter what. Now, his father has something to say. Read more below!

  • Jamie filed documents to the court saying his daughter is still unable to handle her finances.
  • He says, his attitude and concerns are for the well-being and privacy of his daughter and grandchildren.
  • Britney's net worth is over $225 million and everyone wants a piece of it.

So, what now? Why would a father act against his daughter's wishes. And why is he refusing talking to the press? A lot of questions emerge from what one could think as a "normal" family.

Jamie and Britney Spears. Source: Getty

But there is nothing normal in having a multi-millionaire daughter that was the most famous singer in the world (and still is in the top 10 despite being almost "retired").

As we are writing this, we only hope that James sure knows what he is talking about and truly wishes his daughter a great recovery from her mental illness.

Britney looks fine, strong and happy with her new smoke-looking boyfriend. The court will decide the fate of her finances, an area that we are almost sure she will be able to manage pretty good because no matter to which city she goes, she still has fans that would fill up an entire stadium just to see her perform! 

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