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Top 5 female stars who amped up their fashion game in 2020!

Hollywood is all about glamour. The stars have definitely raised the fashion bar with their spectacular sense of style. Every celebrity is setting great standards in the fashion world with their ability to pull off every outfit. They carry a style that defines their personalities. Who according to you have amped up their fashion game over the years? Read below to find out!

  • Actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth were the beauty divas of Hollywood before it was even a thing.
  • Celebrities' sense of fashion has grown impressively over the years.
  • They come up with such creative style ideas, leaving the fans stunned.

2020 has been a successful year, fashion-wise. We have listed down to 5 women celebrities who have caught our eye with their impeccable sense of style. 

The 24-year-old American actress, Zendaya, is known for her challenging and bold looks. She has the talent to combine casual and sensual by wearing trendy yet comfortable outfits. It’s hard to track down a look she can’t pull off.

Zendaya posing in red!

Her positive vibe and vibrant style is the ideal motivation for ladies all over. The young fashion icon puts in a lot of effort when preparing for a red carpet. She still believes that what's inside is all that matters, but never misses a chance glamming up for herself.

Gigi Hadid posing with a cute baby bump!

Gigi Hadid is the essence of class and beauty. The worldwide famous supermodel oozes stylish tastefulness with each look she rocks. She has a quality of calm certainty that is shown in her aura and outfits.

Instead of boring black suits, the queen opts for bold colours, such as red and pink, but with chic patterns. Whatever she wears turns into a fashion statement. The 25-year-old American model is also known for wearing the most recent pieces straight off the runway. 

Selena Gomez definitely knows how to dress for her body. The pop sensation can change from easygoing to appealing, wearing various blends of styles. It's surprising yet convincing at how the 28-year-old can rock every outfit effortlessly.

Selena Gomez in her song, 'Kill'em with kindness'.

Although she likes to go crazy with the makeup, Sel still believes that outer appearance can never overshadow your inner beauty. Her own makeup line, 'Rare Beauty' is all about accepting yourselves the way you are. The queen has been on our style radar and fashion icons list throughout recent years.

Billie Eilish was arguably the year's biggest breakout musician. The 18-year-old pop star is recognizable not only for her signature sound but also for her signature style. Her bold fashion choices have set new style standards in the fashion industry.

Billie Eilish in a baggy green tee!

Her eccentric, monochromatic, and loose-fitting clothing matches her laid-back personality. Billie likes to include an odd pizazz to her closet. She's not afraid to try different designers that suits her taste. But then, this “odd” style has earned her a trustworthy name in the design world and placed her in the fashion icons log. 

Ariana Grande's style is undoubtedly feminine, flirty and fun. From her iconic hairdo to her incredible vocals, Ariana is an artist to whom all aspiring musicians can look up to. Being in the media world since her childhood, the 27-year-old's style has evolved over the years.

Ariana Grande in her iconic hairstyle!

The ability to rock oversized sweatshirts with knee-high boots is what Ari is known for. On the other hand, she's always the centre of attention when dolled-up for some prestigious event. That is why Grande counts in the list of top fashion icons of the year 2020.

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