Top 5 spiciest questions Jennifer Lopez has ever answered

Jennifer Lopez is one of those Hollywood stars who all the journalists would love asking questions to. The best paid Latina is super straight forward regarding her answers, and she lets nothing to imagination. Scroll down and read all the answers!

  • 51-year-old JLo has come a very long way to succeed in the music business.
  • Lopez started working when she was just a girl: in 1991 as a dancer on In Living Color.
  • 'Jenny from the block' was born and raised in the Bronx, New York City.
  • The singer is engaged to former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez.

1. Are you a bad bitch?

JLo promoting Tiffany jewelry. Source: GQ

She claims it's like an urban saying because she grew up in The Bronx, where many gangsters can be found. Latina even defined it as a 'hard background' to live in. Seeing girls fight, for example, was something very ordinary to her. It makes people have some kind of badass personality. 'Waiting for tonight' singer explained when she moved to Los Angeles, everybody seemed extremely soft. We must remember 'I'm a bad, bad bitch' was also a part of a song: 'I'm real'.

2. Is A-Rod making you a better person as you expressed in your book 'True Love'?

JLo and A-Rod deeply in love. Source: Getty Images

JLo has been married on three opportunities before, however, the singer is 100% sure the former baseball player is the very one. They are very alike; both like being the best at something, and they have worked/still work very hard for it. Being able to talk about everything and having someone to listen to was one of her top priorities, and she has clearly found that on Alex.

3. Why are you so open about your age?

Lo's 50th birthday party. Source: Harpers Bazaar

Lopez expressed everybody knew how old she was and it was O.K., that is a fact which she didn't want to hide. It's true she looks very different than when she was 30, or even 40, however, many artists reached the top of their careers when older, so, what is the problem? 'Jenny from the block' is not ashamed of her age, instead, she looks at it as an asset.

4. Did you have any conflicting feeling before saying yes to the Super Bowl halftime show?

JLo at the Super Bowl half time show. Source: Getty Images

'Let's get loud' singer was offered to perform together with Shakira at the Super Bowl halftime. The also-dancer admitting some people may have different opinions, but, she believed it was their opportunity to show the world what a great show can two Latin women can offer to such a show.

5. Does money make you horny?

JLo wearing a $100 bill dress. Source: ABC Go

Of course, A-Rod's wife-to-be admitted it makes things and even life easier, but it does not entail happiness. Up to her, it doesn't make her 'horny' (she had to think about it for a couple of seconds), but obviously she admitted liking it. I think she clearly wanted to reserve why makes her horny for the fiancée. Did you expect such answers? Don't forget to post your comments below.

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