Justin Bieber showing his tatoos / Top 5 most followed singers on Twitter

Top 5 most followed singers on Twitter

We looked up for those singers with the largest number of followers on Twitter. Among the most followed celebrities we found singers Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga Read in the top. Read below to know the reasons why to follow them.

  • By having millions of followers, these celebrities become some of the most influential people in the word.
  • Almost all the celebrities with more followers are singers.
  • Singer Justin Bieber is in position number 1 of all singers and number 2 in the social network.
Justin with Chance The Rapper. Their hit "Holy" got over 40 million views in one week

1-Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (26) is the singer with the highest number of followers! He has 112.5m followers on Twitter. He is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He started his career at age 12 and is known for some of his hits like “Baby” and “What do you mean?”.

The pop star dated singer and actress Selena Gomez and is now married to supermodel  Hailey Baldwin. 

2-Katy Perry

Katy Perry (35) has 108,5m followers on Twitter. She is an American pop singer whose most known songs are “hot n cold” and “I kissed a girl”, among many other number-one hits. 

She has been on a romantic relationship with Actor Orlando Bloom  since 2016.


Rihanna (32) has 98,5m followers on Twitter, and her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She is a Barbadian pop musician, actress and songwriter. She raised into fame with hit “Umbrella”, and after this, she made many other number-one hits such as “Diamonds” and “Work”.

In 2007, she dated singer Chris Brown and is one of the most influential women on social networks.

4-Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift (30) has 87,2m followers on Twitter. She is an American pop star and many of the songs she writes are about her personal life.

She has a long dating history in which there are many famous and good-looking men, such as singer and actor Joe Jonas, actor Taylor Lautner and actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

5- Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga (34) has 82m followers on Twitter. She is an American pop singer, dancer, songwriter and actress. Some of her hits are “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”.
She had her first lead actress role on “A star is Born”, with actor Bradley Cooper, where they sing together the Oscar winner song “Shallow”.


Top five singers with the largest number of followers on Twitter have something in common: they are all pop stars and every of them have something especial that make people love them. By having millions of followers of this social network, they are five of the most influential people over the world. So, who is your favorite?

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