Top 3 comedy roles of Jennifer Lopez

Multi faceting JLo has proven herself singing, dancing, as a businesswoman and obviously as a great actress. We can enjoy seeing her in more than one place. Keep reading and discover which were her best three comedies movies! 

  • 51-year-old JLo will marry Alex Rodriguez as soon as the lockdown remains in the past.
  • 'Waiting for tonight' singer is a mother of two: Emme and Max.
  • She has been chosen by director for more than one genre regarding movies, however, comedy seems to be her best place to be.

1. 'Maid in Manhattan'

JLo acting as a maid. Source: Alamy

 This is her first comedy in which her fans actually decided they were going to love her forever. 'Waiting for tonight' singer became Marisa Ventura in the movie and Ralph Fiennes was her co-star. The also-actress was, as the title implies, the maid in a five-start hotel in New York.

The cover of the movie. Source: Getty Images

Luckily, the cleaning girl can prove who she is besides the fact of not having the money the guests there had. Of course, love is in the air during the whole film. The movie was released in 2002. The film ended up with a box office of $163.8 million.

2. 'Monster in Law'

Fonda and JLo. Source: Sploid gizmodo

 This movie is probably her consecration as a tremendous actress. Super diva, Jane Fonda was her co-star. The very funny thing throughout the whole movie is how both women (Fonda played the mother and JLo the wife-to-be) became lunatic and do crazy things to keep their 'man' for them.

Fonda and JLo on the movie. Source: Alamy

The film was released in 2005, but it is one of the most seen comedies still today because of the plot and because of the actresses great job! The comedy won in the BET Comedy Awards.

3.' The back-up plan'

JLo and her co-star, Alex O'laughlin. Source: Getty Images

 This film brings to light a scene in which many women seem to be involved in, but in the funny way. Zoe is a typical woman who decided to be a single mother after not finding her ideal guy. When she goes for artificial insemination to achieve her goal she meets her co-star, Alex O'laughlin, in a taxi.

JLo and her co-star. Source: Getty Images

The 2010 comedy shows a situation many people could be immersed in today's world, and that was the main reason why it received so many positive critics. It was nominated by the Teen Choice Award, but it didn't win. Did you watch any of them? Of course, I enjoyed the three comedies. Don't forget to tell us which one you prefer on the comments!

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