BTS performing live at an event BTS performing live at an event

Top 5 BTS songs that made it on the World Song Sales chart!

K-pop sensation, BTS is enjoying the spotlight these days. The boys are receiving recognition on a global level. Such acknowledgment has gotten them on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. Out of 25 spots, 9 of them are taken by the band’s music. Read below to find out which 3 songs rank higher than the others on the chart!

  • BTS is a seven-piece band from South Korea formed in 2010.
  • The band made their US debut in 2017 and released their first English song in 2020, called ‘Dynamite’
  • Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart is updated weekly giving spots to the top 25 songs appreciated internationally. 
  • Bangtan Boys aka BTS, are the fifth group in the history of Billboard to have the top two songs on the Hot 100 list in the same week.

1. “Filter”

The song ranks at no.8 on the list. If you were to mention this song to someone from the Army, ‘Park Jimin’ is all that they’d say. His performance at the band’s virtual concert, Map of the Soul ON:E was a work of art. His voice paired with a blood-red suit and topped off with his iconic dance moves made our hearts skip a beat!

2. “My Time”

A solo song by our favorite, Jung Kook. The singer talks about the roller coaster of emotions he’s been through as he’s growing older, and honestly, we can relate. Question! Were you able to take your eyes off him during his performance at BTS’s virtual concert? Oh, and the song ranks at no.10 on the sales chart!

3. “Euphoria”

No, it’s not the one with Zendaya in it, although it would be great to see her in one of BTS’s music videos. The song is actually part of a short film titled 'Euphoria: Theme of LOVE YOURSELF ‘Wonder'.

The BTS boy at the set of their music video, 'Euphoria'. Source: redbubble

Warning people! The video is a tearjerker, we’d recommend not to watch it when you’re feeling down. The song has secured the 11th position on the chart.

4. "Mikrokosmos"

Do you remember when we got to celebrate #BTSWeek with The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon? Ahh! Best days of our lives. The boys performed this song in Gyeongbok Palace.

BTS boys laughing while performing 'Mikrokosmos' at the Gyeongbok Palace. Source: Twitter

Well, we aren’t sure if it was the singers or the place that made the song so special for us. What do you think? The song ranks at no.15 on the sales chart!

5. "Boy with Luv"

BTS collaborated with America’s sweetheart, Halsey, and now we have this masterpiece to listen to for the rest of our lives. Aren’t we just lucky! Her matching hair with Jimin and the way she dances with the boys make it on our favorite music videos.

No.19 is where the song stands on the Billboard songs sales chart. Oh, and we almost forgot! The song has a BILLION VIEWS! Okay, Army! Here’s a difficult question. If you were to pick any one of these songs, which one would it be and why? 

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