Doja Cat had a great collaboration with her cat Doja Cat had a great collaboration with her cat

This Doja Cat collaboration will surprise you with its cuteness

Doja Cat is one of the most successful singers of the moment and has collaborated with other great artists, but this collab just hits different

Doja Cat has won over a lot of fans with her musical talents and abilities, but you might notice that she's not the only talented singer in her house thanks to this collaboration.

Doja Cat is an amazing singer and rapper who has taken over much of the music industry internationally with all her skills and great talents for music. She is not only limited to singing her songs, because she has an active participation in the writing and composition of each one of her tracks.

With songs like 'Juicy', 'Say So', 'Streets' and many more, Doja has become popular globally, having fans all over the world who support the talent and creativity of this rapper. She is a complete artist with an amazing personality that charms her fans even more.

And Doja Cat has also worked with other artists in various collaborations. Her collabs are also very successful and she has sung alongside Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, Tyga, Ariana Grande, among other artists just as talented and admirable as Doja.

But Doja Cat released a very special collaboration recently and it's one that will fill you with cuteness, so get ready to listen to Doja's best collab.

Doja Cat collaborates with her cat in a sweet improvised song

Doja Cat was livestreaming from TikTok when she thought of making an improvised song by meowing along with her cat. The funniest thing is that the kitten knows in what tone to meow to follow the singer, OMG! How cute! Listen to this new Doja Cat collab.

 Even Doja Cat's cat is as talented as the singer, we hope she will reveal the studio version of this collaboration soon, LOL. Wasn't it soooo cute?

This wasn't Doja Cat's first collaboration with her cats

Doja Cat's creativity is really great, and she showed it before by composing some songs for her black kitty. She was doing a live on Instagram when she started singing to her adorable pet. Even Doja's improvised songs are just fantastic.

So Doja's personality as well as all her great creativity are reflected in these collaborations with her beautiful cats. Don't you love them when they're together?

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