These photos of Cardi B’s daughter Kulture will melt your heart!

These photos of Cardi B’s daughter Kulture will melt your heart!

Like mother, like daughter; Kulture has inherited all of her mother’s good looking and sassy genes! Her hilarious but adorable poses will kill you with laughter and make your heart melt at the same time. Recently Cardi B couldn't stop fangirling over her daughter's 'bribed' photoshoot. Want to see the mini version of the WAP star? Scroll down then!  

  • Cardi B is an American rapper and television personality who released her latest single Up’ on February 5th, 2021.
  • Kulture Kiari Cephus, born in July 2018, is the child of Cardi B and rapper Offset.  
  • The 2-year-old has an Instagram account of 1.5 million followers run by Cardi herself.

Starting off with this adorable post from September 2020. Are you seeing that outfit? The hair bow? The ‘KULTURE’ necklace? The Palm Springs Mini Backpack that costs 1,520 Euros?! As Kulture’s Instagram bio says, she sure is ‘spoiled’.

These two right here are major mother-daughter goals! The coordinating outfits have us dead because they are just too cute. Let’s not forget to fangirl over the matching bubblegum pink Hermès Birkin bags. Like HELLO?! Kulture’s bag was a gift from her daddy and it costs a whopping $8000 dollars! I can’t remember the last time I had $100 dollars in my wallet...oh well. 

What’s a better way to say good night than in an elephant bathrobe? That smile has our hearts melting! 

Woah, she just ended every model out there’s career single-handedly! How did you do that Kulture? Teach us your ways too, please. This fashion diva sure takes after her mom, I mean, how else do you explain the sassy pose

This entire look screams “Mess with me or I’ll end you”... but with a pop of pink? This picture is evidence that Kulture is a born stunner

We think Kulture is an absolute cutie and can’t stop obsessing over her trendy outfits. What did you think of her Instagram pictures? Let us know in the comments below!

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