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The ultimate Miley Cyrus' mixtape for Valentine's Day

If your Valentine is a Smiler and you want to surprise him/her with a gesture that she/he will never forget, here we have the ideal gift. Scroll down and you will find the best list of Miley Cyrus romantic songs of all time to spend an unforgettable night with your loved one.

  • Although we do not know the exact history of Saint Valentine, this tradition dates back to AD496 and was created by Pope Gelasius to commemorate the death of martyr Valentine two hundred years earlier.
  • There are several legends related to this saint. One of them tells that he performed weddings for Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry and that is why he was persecuted, imprisoned, and executed.
  • Anyway, it is a romantic party where the important thing is to try to unlock the heart of the loved one through letters that are now cards and gifts that melt that special someone.
Miley Cyrus

Nothing more beautiful than a gift made with effort and a lot of love for someone special.

That is why we have decided to make your task easier and we have done all the research work so that you can find your way to the heart of your Smiler Valentine with this mixtape or playlist of songs by Miley Cyrus.

Check it out.

1) I Adore You

This super romantic song from the 2013 Bargerz album cannot be missing from any romantic playlist.

Ideal to put it first and with it make a direct declaration of love to your Valentine. You will surely earn a kiss.

2) Don't Dream It's Over

If you see this song it is not by Miley Cyrus, as it was released by the band Crowded House in 1986.

This is the most romantic ballad of all time.

In addition, it's on our playlist because Miley sang it with none other than Ariana Grande in her 2015 backyard sessions.

This is a winner for sure, you will look as an ex-expert in the art of being a Smiler.

3) 7 things

One of the classics of the 28-year-old artist's Hannah Montana era. While 7 things seems to talk about the things you don't like about your loved one, you will discover that it is actually a declaration of love.

It'll also put the dance note to the evening.

We don't want to end up putting our Valentine to sleep.

4) Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

Continuing with a more moving rhythm, we have this 2018 hit that Miley composed with music producer Mark Ronson.

5) I Would Die For You

Wow! Nothing is more beautiful than hearing these words from the one you love.

I Would Die For You belongs to Miley Cyrus' Younger Now era, which marked a return to her country roots in an album of great musical quality.

You will both enjoy this masterpiece.

6) Mary Jane

Although it is not a song that the former Hannah Montana wrote thinking of a lover, because Mary Jane is one of her dogs.

The lyrics "I wish you looked at me the way you look at mary jane" and the music that accompanies this beautiful song, can melt anyone's heart.

This tune will play in your favor especially if your special someone has pets.

7) The Climb

This song from 2009 can't be missing from any Miley Cyrus song list.

Aren't relationships a climb to a higher sentimental state?

This song was so successful that you'll even be able to sing it together.

8) Hands of Love

Miley Cyrus wrote the lyrics for this song, that served as the soundtrack for the 2015 movie Freeheld.

9) Malibu

2017 was one of the stages in which the 28-year-old singer was calmer and away from controversy.

She was in a relationship with her partner for 10 years, the actor Liam Hemsworth and the album Younger Now of that era is strongly influenced by the love that both were living at that time.

This song mixes a great melody with one of Cyrus's most romantic lyrics.

10) Gimme What I Want

As the finishing touch for this playlist and the end of the evening, nothing can be better than a clear declaration of intention.

Maybe you will get a slap with the lyrics of the song, but after having gone through all the romanticism of the previous tracks you will surely get what you want and you won't have to give it to yourself. LOL

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