The truth behind the Weeknd's plastic surgery

The truth behind the Weeknd's plastic surgery

Did he really do it? This is the question we all ask ourselves and if so, why? The Weeknd surprised the world on January 5th with the premiere of his new music video "Save Your Tears" and a new face? Keep reading, and we will tell you the truth behind the artist's plastic surgery.

  • Abel Makkonen Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd was born 30 years ago in Canada and since 2012 has been going strong in the industry.
  • With an estimated net worth of $90 Million, the artist has also won multiple allocates such as 9 Billboard Music Awards, 5 American Music Awards, three Grammys, and counting.
  • In 2020, the R&B singer released his fourth studio album titled After Hours.
The Weeknd on Instagram.

The Weeknd surprised everyone during the first days of 2021 with a really impressive new look.

Fans can't believe the appearance of his face.

We were all wondering what Abel was up to since we saw him all dressed in red and with his face covered in blood and bruises walking through the streets of New York last summer.

In fact, on August 30th, he appeared at the Video Music Awards wearing the same outfit and makeup.

The Weeknd at the VMAs 2020.

For the American Music Awards, The Weeknd surprised the audience once again by showing up at the gala with his face full of bandages in what appeared to be a post-operative plastic surgery.

It would all lead us to  this moment. The release of his new music video “Save Your Tears" revealed on January 5th. In it, we can see him once again with his red suit but with a totally different face.

Obviously what Abel is wearing are prosthetics, it shows in the music video. In case you have any doubts you just have and take a look at his Instagram account to see that six days before,

the singer of "Can't Feel My Face" posted a photo of him and although he wears a face mask, it shows that his face has not been touched by the scalpel.

The Weeknd at the AMAs 2020.

With all this, Tesfaye is trying to make a stand, say something, express an idea.

I personally think that the mysterious artist tries to tell us about the world in which we live.

How we find ourselves behind TikTok or Instagram filters all the time, how we play to be someone else and better looking.

The Weeknd in 2015.

The fact of showing this in such a raw way has created an effect of shock on fans who see it as something brutal and unnecessary.

Perhaps thanks to this they can realize that changing one's essence even for a moment for a photo or video is not necessary. Who would we be without our flaws, who would we be without our own face?

Let's reflect on that while we watch The Weeknd's MV “Save Your Tears”.


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