Paris Jackson and Luke Spiller

The truth behind Paris Jackson and Luke Spiller's love story

Michael Jackson's daughter is becoming every day more public. Many fans wonder if there is a hidden romance behind the collaboration song between her and The Struts, and the truth will shock you! Read below to find out what the secret is! 

  • Paris Jackson made her solo debut in 2020 with her album Wilted.
  • The Struts’ singer has a similar look to Michael Jackson.
  • The “Low Key in Love” singers could be dating.

Paris Jackson and Luke Spiller made a wonderful work together!

Falling in love and managing to hide the feelings isn't an easy task! Paris Jackson and Luke Spiller joined their voices to sing about love, and fans want the secrets behind their relationship!

The story of the song was revealed by the leader of The Struts, when the name of Paris came to his mind in a retro bar in Los Angeles, after remembering a fantastic acoustic she made.

“Won't give in easily because we're only kissing when we're drunk”

Luke Spiller described Paris Jackson as a true star.

We cannot confirm if the lyrics of the song hide an experience from the past or a hidden love story between Paris and Luke, but the truth is that they talk about everything that could happen after a night of partying.

Luke Spiller spoke the Instagram official account of The Struts to reveal what it had been like to work alongside Paris Jackson, who has an amazing voice. The King of Pop's daughter didn't disappoint us, and her collaboration has met the expectations of all fans.

I'm convinced some things are just written in the stars. Bringing in Paris just gave the song a whole new dimension. She is beautiful and brilliant.

As entertainment experts, we knew many stories that started with a collaboration, and this is one of them. Close sources told us they are getting to know each other, but everything looks awesome:

'They started as work colleagues, then friends, and now something else. They don't have an official label or announcement, but surely look in love'

Michael Jackson's daughter continues working on her music and following in her father's footsteps. 80s pop could become the trend of 2021 and we invite you to listen to Low key in love so you can tell us what you think about Paris's collaboration with The Struts. Please leave your comments below!

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