The cover of Cardi B and Blackpink new song, 'Bet You Wanna'. The cover of Cardi B and Blackpink new song, 'Bet You Wanna'.

The truth behind Cardi B's collab song with Blackpink

The 27-year-old star American rapper known for her explicit songs. This year she launched a new hit, ‘Wap’ which went viral on social media, and ranked number-one on the US Billboard Top100. Recently Cardi set foot into the K-pop world and collaborated with the famous Korean girl band for their song ‘Bet You Wanna’. But things weren't that easy!

  • The 5’3” tall diva’s real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar.
  • She has an estimated net worth of $24 million.
  • Bacardi made history with her songs ‘Bodak Yellow’ and ‘I Like It’. Because of these two songs, She became the first female rappers to top the Billboard 100 charts.
  • Watch the new song of Cardi B below:

The K-pop group, Blackpink is becoming a worldwide sensation. This year they collaborated with the American singer, Selena Gomez for their song ‘Ice-cream.’ which has become one of the most listened songs on the United States radio.

They recently launched a new album. There were almost eight tracks in their album.  And one of the songs was paired up with the famous rapper, Cardi B. They got 3 million views on YouTube. But why was this song a big challenge for Cardi B?

As all the Americans know that Cardi is the queen of rap. But most of her songs like ‘Wap’ consist of explicit content which is not supported by the Blackpink’s agency, YG Entertainment.

The Blackpink rapper, Lisa has never even used such cursed words in her songs which is so common amongst the American singers. 

Collage of the famous rapper Cardi B, and the K-pop group Blackpink.

Cardi B’s fans are surprised by the fact that this is her first cleanest song ever. Their song ‘Bet You Wanna’ is loved by millions of their fans all over the world.

The powerful vocals of the band and the energetic rap of Cardi and Lisa made this a perfect song. Do you think Cardi B should continue path? It will definitely bring her more fans, specially from a young age that can relate to her. Cardi grew up poorly, worked in a supermarket and made it to the big leagues. Perhaps, it's time to make her songs more user friendly and not only +18.

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