The truth about Jennifer Lopez' beginnings in Hollywood!

Jennifer Lopez tried really really hard to make her way into Hollywood as an American citizen with Latin roots. You won't believe the things she went through! Watch the video below! 

  • A-Rod's wife-to-be has twins: Emme and Max.
  • Together with Shakira she prepared the half time show for the 2020 Super Bowl.
  • JLo had to make a huge effort to go out of the Bronx and become a Hollywood great diva!

We are all aware 'Jenny from the block' grew up in the Bronx in a family of 5 (mom: Guadalupe Rodriguez, dad: David Lopez, and 2 sisters: Leslie and Lynda).

Jenny from the block. Source: Latin Times

Money was not something they could waste. Just imagine living in such a home  ant telling your parents you want to become an artist! Hard-working parents encourage their daughter to stay at home and leave that 'stupid' idea out of her crazy mind.

Fantastic JLo. Source: The Blast

However, we already know that when 'Waiting for tonight' singer wants to do something, she simply goes for it. She has been that way since a girl. Guadalupe and David didn't approve their daughter's idea of life but could do nothing to stop her. JLo, enrolled in a dancing studio (she even slept on the studio's couch at night because she had no money to afford an apartment), until in 1991 she got to dance as a backup dancer for 'New kids on the block', which was actually great; however, not enough for her.

Jennifer Lopez. Source: Fox News

Until, two years later, in 1993, she managed to become part of the dancing regular group as a 'Fly girl' on 'In living color'. This was her actual starting milestone. The Latin girl moved from New York to LA because of the show.

JLo at the Billboard Awards. Source: Getty Images

Something incredible is that her then choreographer, Carrie Ann Inaba with Rosie Perez, became a judge in 'Dancing with the stars' alongside with JLo! Until, she decided to pursue her acting career and let the show in the past. Always remember, try hard, really hard if you really want something, and you will get it, don't you agree? And if you don't re-read JLo's beginning one more time! 

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