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The true story about Billie Eilish' childhood

The American singer, Billie Eilish, had an extraordinary childhood at her home in Los Angeles. She grew up surrounded of love, music and dance, and those components made her whom she is now. Do you want to know more details about it? Keep scrolling! 

  • Billie was born on the 18th of December 2001.
  • She has an estimated net worth of $30 million. 
  • Both of her parents are amateur musicians, and his brother is a singer, musician and producer too. 
  • Finneas is her producer and also plays with her at the concerts.

Family members

Billie Eilish's family

Billie's family nucleus includes her brother, Finneas, her mother Maggie Baird and her father, Patrick O'Connell with whom she has now a radio program called 'Me & Dad'  in Apple Music

Surrounded by music

Billie with her mother and her brother

The 'Bad Guy' singer grew up seeing her mother writing songs, and her father playing instruments like the piano and the ukulele. 

Little Billie Eilish

Furthermore, her brother Finneas, also fell in love with music since he was young, and they started sharing moments together with the sounds. 

Home-schooling and other activities

Billie Eilish and her parents

Eilish was homeschooled at her early years, but she also participated in extracurricular activities like acting and dancing. At the age of 8, she joined a choir and sang there for three years. 

Little Billie Eilish. Source: Instagram

When she turned 11 years old, she started to write and composed her songs. That's awesome! Billie also went to dancing lessons until she got injured and had to leave it. Poor Billie!

Our thoughts

Billie Eilish as a kid

We can say that Billie's childhood was like any other but with some exceptions. Having a family that is in love with music for sure can lead you to fall in love with it too, and she definitely did it!

Young Billie Eilish

Homeschooling can be tough for some kids but apparently Billie didn't have problems with that.

We are glad that she also could develop other things that interested her like dancing and acting, that made her the artist that she is nowadays. Cheers, Billie! Watch this awesome memories of her childhood:

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