The top 3 most expensive gifts Cardi B gave to her daughter The top 3 most expensive gifts Cardi B gave to her daughter

The top 3 most expensive gifts Cardi B gave to her daughter

Being born in a multi-millionaire musician family has its benefits. From a custom-made Rolls-Royce baby seat to a $100.000, Kulture has already in her 2 years of life received more than most of us in our lifetimes. Watch the pictures of the incredible spending their parents made on her below. 

  • Offset, Kulture's dad and Cardi's ex-husband has a net worth of $25 million for his performances with the rap group "Migos"
  • Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar has almost the same amount of money as the dad, which makes Kulture a future businesswoman at least.
  • Despite being divorced, they get along just fine and were even seen kissing in the Las Vegas 28th birthday party of Cardi.

1. Rolls-Royce baby seat 

Just the baby seat costs $8000. Source: Getty

Offset gave Cardi a brand new luxury car which included an embroidery seat for their daughter Kulture.

$8000...just the baby seat! The car is around $200.000. Literally my car is worth less than Kulture's piece of leather. Nothing to be ashamed about, right?

2. Diamonds A lot of diamonds

This post was deleted after she got serious backlash for her spending

 "A woman's best friend" said the advertising from South African diamond company "De Beers". They should change it for "baby's new best friend". Believe it or not, like someone who spends a lot for their kid, Cardi wired $80.000 for mini jewelry when Kulture couldn't even walk. What if she threw it to the sea while playing at a boat? 

3.  Bags

Cardi is a big fan of expensive accesories. Her friend Kylie Jenner knows it so she sent an $150.000 Birkin bag for her 28th birthday. And like mother, like daughter. Kulture got several of the "baby" model, that can go as much as $200.000 dollars. 

Honestly, there is no other conclusion than "woah" and "well, I guess the world is ending in 2020". Jokes aside, everyone can spend their money the way they like, we just hope that Kulture gets a decent college fund someday instead of so many clothing accesories! 

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