Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn

The sweet story of how Taylor Swift's boyfriend helped her overcome her fears

Taylor Swift is in love with boyfriend Joe Alwyn and the two are living together in a house located in London! She opens up about how Joe encouraged her to vocalize her political beliefs. Want to know how he did this and why Taylor has been afraid of being involved in politics? Continue reading to find out!

  • The 31-year-old singer is head over heels for boyfriend Joe Alwyn who is a 30-year-old British actor!
  • Taylor and Joe share a very close bond and Joe also co-wrote three songs for Taylor’s latest album ‘evermore’ 
  • With the love and support of her fans, Taylor is now one of the highest-paid celebrities, with a net worth of $365 million!
  • However, despite all this fame, she has been scared to voice her opinions on matters related to politics 

Taylor Swift has an elaborative dating history with celebrities such as Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, and Taylor Lautner. While most of her relationships ended within one year or less, her latest relationship with Joe Alwyn is an exception!

Taylor has been dating him for four years now and the couple is stronger than ever. They have moved in together and rumors have it that a wedding might be in place!

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Do you ever wonder what is it in Joe that Taylor loves him so much? Well, I know one thing about Joe for sure! He is very supportive of Taylor. Their relationship is not only limited to romance. Rather, he helps Taylor in many aspects of her life. In case you didn’t know, he has co-written songs for Folklore and Evermore! These songs are 'exile', 'champagne problems' and 'evermore'.  

If this wasn’t enough, Joe is also helping Taylor overcome her fears. In a recent talk with Vanity Fair, Taylor said that she had always been told to stay out of politics. She felt that being a country singer, it was not her place to speak about political matters. However, things changed when Joe came into her life. She found herself discussing matters of politics and presidency with her boyfriend who encouraged her to talk more!  


Taylor and Joe are definitely a power couple. The two share chemistry which is very rare. Not only is he her romantic partner but also her friend who is there to help Taylor overcome the deepest fears! What do you think about their relationship?



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