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The surprising revelation of Jennifer Lopez about lockdown

Jennifer Lopez confessed she went through some eating difficulties during the lockdown. Although the star has performed in 2020 at the Super Bowl and launched her JLoBeauty skincare line, she went through some food issues due to isolation. Haven't heard that yet? Scroll down to learn everything. 

  • The mother-of-two spent her time at home with her family during the pandemic.
  • A-Rod's fiancée launched her beauty line at last.
  • JLo trained a lot with her boyfriend during the lockdown. The 'In the morning' singer prepared a lot of home cooked food.
Jennifer Lopez attends the "Hustlers" premiere during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival at Roy Thomson Hall on September 7th, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Source: Getty Images

2020 lockdown has changed our plans and surprised us all in the same way. Absolutely every person in the whole world thought something different of what this new decade was about to be. The extreme isolation period has changed what we did on our everyday life, on our work-life  and family life, obviously

Singer Jennifer Lopez performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium on February 2nd, 2020 in Miami, Florida. Source: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2020 together with Shakira and everybody spoke about it (if you don't remember the story click here). Apart from performing in such a conflicting year, the star was awarded the “People’s Icon” award by E! People’s Choice Awards

Training really hard

JLo training at home during the lockdown. Source: Womens Health Magazine

A-Rod's girlfriend always showed herself positive and motivated in front of the social media and cameras. The former baseball player posted the couple training together instead of separately on April 3rd and July 4th. The ensemble family also played and spent time doing some sports like volleyball and baseball of course.

However, our source told us that not all the days were as happy as those. The also-actress said that even though she loved training some days she felt like 'What for?' Staying at home always makes people wear loser clothes and eating way more. We have always seen the star's extremely fit body. To be fit, one has to train really hard. JLo did so almost all the time, even when that negative thought haunted her. Thankfully Jenny found the way out! 

Cook at home

JLo and A-Rod cooking together. Source: Style News

On August 4th, we learned that JLo was the one in charge (as never before) of the cooking in the amazing family kitchen. Even though she was dancing on that Instagram post, that was a good day, not a dull one. Thanks to the lockdown, the singer was left at home with her boyfriend and the four kids (JLo has twins and A-Rod has two girls). Chaos appeared when the cook was not allowed to go anymore and the now-housewife carried out that chore.

A-Rod and JLo at home with both of Rodriguez' daughters. Source: People

Jennifer proved to be quite a great cook, but, let's be honest, cooking every day for 6 is quite a lot for everyone. Even for her, the 'superwoman'. Even though she thrived to cook for her family a good balanced diet  some days were hard and more difficult than others. On tough days, they ordered delivery and the problem was over. The thing is that the Lopez-Rodriguez family eat very healthy food, and takeout food is not so. 


Even stars struggled with the house chores. Just like JLo herself. The diva told our source she had quite a rough time keeping up with her training and healthy eating during the lockdown period. Thankfully, she never gave up any of those. The singer is even as fit as ever before! 

'I’ve never struggled more with my health and nutrition, and I'm a pretty motivated person. But throughout quarantine, I was just, you know, I just felt like some days I was motivated to eat well and work out. Others, I just didn't want to, I just didn't see what the point was.'

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