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The surprising numbers of Jennifer Lopez on the Billboard charts

51-year-old Jennifer Lopez released her first album 'On the 6' in 1999. Just imagine the amount of singles that reached the Billboard charts in more than 20 years. Want to know her best positions? Scroll down to read everything about it! 

  • Jennifer Lopez released 15 albums in her whole career.
  • The Latin singer released one album in Spanish 'Como ama una mujer'.
  • JLo has a number of her songs in the Billboard charts

Hot 100

JLo's 'If you had my love'

 'All I have', If you had my love', 'Ain't it funny' and 'I'm real' are JLo's songs which peaked at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart. 'On the floor' peaked at No. 3 as 'Love don't cost a thing' and one of her hits 'Jenny from the block'.  'All I have' is one of JLo's greatest hits. The song as released in 2002 featuring American rapper LL Cool J. The same as 'If you had my love'. This was her first and leading single from her debut album 'On the 6'. 

Billboard 200

JLo's album 'A.K.A'. Source: Ebay

'J-Lo' peaked at No. 1 on February, 10th, 2001 and 'J To Tha L-O! The Remixes' reached the top position as well on February 23rd, 2002. It seems February is quite a lucky month for JLo. 'This is me' and 'Rebirth' got to the second position in this chart. 11 are her songs which appeared into this list. 2 top 1 and 8 in the first 10. 'On the 6' peaked at No. 8 in 1999, 'Love' at No. 5 in 2011, 'A.K.A' No. 8 as well in 2014 and 'Como ama una mujer' peaked at No. 10 in 2007.

All in all, the Hollywood's best paid Latina has quite a long record history which has clearly paid off! JLo holds one of the highest top positions in the Billboard charts. Let's watch JLo's debute YouTube video now!

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