The surprising backlash of Tekashi 6ix9ine

King Von made very harsh accusations on Akon for collaborating with the recently-free rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. The Chicago rapper believed 'Lonely' singer was helping a snitch. Keep reading to learn the details! 

  • Akon was born April, 16th, 1973 in Saint Luis, Missouri. One of his greatest hits was 'Lonely'.
  • Chicago rapper King Von was shot at the young age of 26 years old.
  • Upon prison release, Tekashi wanted to delight people with more and more new things regarding his music.
Tekashi in court. Source: Getty Images

On April 2020 rainbow Tekashi 6ix9ine was released from prison. Some of that has to do with a growing concearn because of his asthma condition and the world's health situation, and also, because he had managed to deal with the prosecutor to reduce his sentence if snitching about one of New York City most looked for gangs: 'Nine Tray Gang'.

6ix9ine and Akon singing together.  Source: The Blast

Upon his back to free life, the rapper released an album, which didn't sell as everybody thought. Akon collaborated with Tekashi on Locked Up 2. When the video was shown to the world, King Von criticized 'Lonely' singer for collaborating with a rat (snitch) like Hernandez. His exact words had been: “I’ll never forgive Akon for making that song with that rat ass n-gga.”

King Von. Source: Billboard

Of course, the 47-year-old singer defended himself stating that Tekashi had his own version of things and nobody ever heard his side of the story. The original from Missouri even agreed with King on the fact that Daniel Hernandez was a snitch, but, he saw it as obvious; the 24-year-old kid had already been in prison and when in there, everybody turns into a snitch.

Akon. Source: Naija

According to Akon, if people who have been in prison are not snitch they are about to collaborate with the police any time soon. What a new perspective has the peaceful singer lay on the table, right? 'Trouble' singer has always been away from troubles and quarrels of any kind throughout his long career, so, has he heard Tekashi's side of the story?

6ix9ine on stage. Source: Getty Images

Are we missing something? We have to agree that nobody ever thought 'Tutu' singer had something to say, but, what if he actually has? We have to remember actually, that King Von will unfortunately never be able to hear Tekashi's story because he was shot dead on November 6th, 2020.

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