Shakira and Daddy Yankee made history!

The strange connection between Shakira and Daddy Yankee

Like Shakira, Daddy Yankee is one of the leaders of urban music in Spanish, but this is not the only fact that the Colombian and the Puerto Rican share. That is why today you will discover the incredible and unexpected reason that connects them. Keep reading!  

  • Daddy Yankee was born in a humble neighborhood in Puerto Rico in 1977.
  • Shakira is an Arabic name that means "woman full of grace"
  • The raper dreamed of becoming a baseball player.

Despite growing up in a low-income family, Daddy Yankee knew that he was born ready to succeed. Rafael Luis Ayala Rodríguez is the Puerto Rican true name and he currently is the urban music King.

The artist is the creator of reggaeton as a musical genre and, like Shakira, has managed to conquer big fans around the world, but something that connects him directly with the Colombian singer is that he turned 44 years old in February 2021.

Shakira and Daddy Yankee two talented Latins. Source: (Getty)

Who would say, Shakira is older than Daddy Yankee by one day! The footballer Gerard Piqué's wife was born on February 2, 1977, and Rafael just a day later. 

The one from Puerto Rico is also an actor, producer, broadcaster, businessman, and has more than 41 million followers on Instagram. According to Latin American newspapers, the singer is admired for keeping his humility despite the success.

Surely you have heard songs like "Gasolina", "Ella me levantó", "Limbo", "Con Calma" or "Shake shake". The Latin Grammy winner has collaborated with incredible artists such as Shakira, Bad Bunny, Katy Perry, Becky G, Winsin, Snow, Luis Fonsi, and Inna.

The interpreter was the first Latin artist to top the charts for many consecutive weeks in North America. We officially met the King of Reggaeton in 2004 and there is still much of Daddy Yankee to know.

Shakira and the Puerto Rican rapper have lived their four decades very well, and we are dying to learn their methods of preserving a youthful face despite their age! How about you? Please leave your comments!

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