A bandaged Weeknd at the AMAs 2020

The story behind Weeknd's bandaged face at the AMAs 2020!

The Weeknd has been shocking his fans with some confusing red carpet looks. When he took the stage at MTV VMAs, he had a bloodied and bruised face. Last night at the American Music Awards, The Weeknd walked up to accept his award with bandages wrapped around his face. Halloween is long gone so what do his award show looks mean? Keep on reading to find out the message behind them:

  • The Weeknd's actual name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye
  • Abel is a Canadian singer, songwriter as well as a record producer
  • In 2018, The Weeknd won the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album
  • The 30-year-old artist has successfully produced 6 albums up till now. These have added greatly to his net worth of $92 million
The Weeknd accepting a Video Music Award with a bruised face

The Weeknd is known to put depth and meaning in his work. Thus, his albums and songs break records and win major awards. The Weeknd's fourth new album 'After Hours' is the reason behind his strange red carpet appearances. 

Weeknd accepting AMA for Favorite Album R&B

Showing up bruised at the VMAs and bandaged at the AMAs is part of his plan to send a message across. This look is the representation of the persona he displays in the 'After Hours' short film.

Many are predicting that with these injured looks, he is trying to highlight the drunk undertone so to raise awareness on the issue of drunk driving. This is what his single 'Blinding Light' is about according to his interview with Esquire. The Weeknd says that people become unstoppable when they are lonely. It does not matter to them that they are drunk, so they drive till the streetlights blind them.

According to sources, The Weeknd was seen filming in this bandaged look in early November. This look can also be a hint that a new music video is coming soon. Are you excited? Comment below and let us know.

Meanwhile, watch his award-winning song 'Blinding Lights' below!

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